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Eataly Signature Classic Panettone - 1kg
Baratti & Milano Ricciarelli 250 g
Pastigle Leone Giandujotti Choc Can - 150 g
Dark Chocolate & Pistachio Panettone - 900g
Chocolate Cantucci in Red Tin - 150g
Marzipan - 150gr
Christmas Milk Gift Box 160gr
Vicenzi Amaretto Soft Cookies - 320 g
White Chocolate Covered Panettone with Berries - 750gr
Assorted Minivoglie Cookies in Tin - 500g
Round Winter Chocolates Box - 200g
Winter Chocolate Gift Box - 130g
Mini Winter Chocolates Book - 118g
Gingerbread Man Cookie - 55g
Gingerbread Quadratini - 250g
Dark Chocolate Covered Panettone with Strawberry & Pistachio - 750gr
Coffee Baci Box 12pc - 150g
Assorted Holiday Baci Box 18pc - 250g
Ginger Chocolate Quadratini - 250g
Rose of the Dolomites Collection Chocolate Gift Box - 150g
Cinnamon Quadratini - 250g
Dolci Frutti Marzipan - 100gr
Panettone with Moscato Gran Piemonte - 1kg
Christmas Cracker Bannecker - 37g

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