Pistachio Pesto - 180 ml

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Pistacchio Pesto from Scyavuru is made from the highest quality Sicilian pistachios and extra virgin olive oil such as Bronte pistachios, extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper. Enjoy Scyavuru's Pistachio Pesto Sauce as you would any regular pesto, with a short pasta such as Penne, Caserecce, Ziti, Vesuvio or with a long pasta such as Linguine and Filei pasta. It is delicious with fresh Mozzarella as well! A must have product in the pantry for pistacchio lovers. The Scyavuru farm was founded and created based on the owner's passion for Sicily, its invaluable cultural heritage, and the attention to the oldest Sicilian traditions. Scyavuru in Sicilian dialect means fragrance, perfume. Their recipes are those from the most ancient tradition in combination with a constant passion for innovation that makes it possible to satisfy also the most modern palates. Ingredients: Pistachio, Extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper. Allergens: Nuts and derived products, pistachios.

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