Jalapeno Hot Sauce - 177 ml

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The Hot Sauce Jalapeno from Heartbeat Small Batch Fermenters is a well balanced sauce obtained with both fresh Jalapeno peppers and fermented Serrano peppers. The mild heat meets garlic, lime and a hint of cilantro. The Jalapeno is perfect to add flavours to all your dishes, especially grilled meat, tacos or salads! Easy squeeze bottle! Ingredients: Jalapeno, onion, distilled vinegar, serrano pepper, sugar, lime juice, garlic, canola oil, cilantro. Company History: In 2015 Nancy & Al started their dream and opened Heartbeat Hot Sauce company. They had the hobby of making hot sauces at home using their fermented peppers. Their hot sauces have a maximum flavour and balance. Each sauce is bright, bold, healthy, and unique. In Heartbeat Hot Sauces there is no added water, thickening agents or chemical preservatives.

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