Orange Vanilla Tea Bags - 50gr

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The company was born in 1961 by the initiative of  Alfredo Carrai who, fascinated by the tea world, accepts the challenge, even if very young, to introduce Italy to the usage and the culture of this drink, at the time still much unknown. 
The will to deepen the knowledge of the second most consumed beverage, brings him to make several travels to discover the rarest teas, of the best harvest. 

The first travels of Alfredo in China feel like the pages of an adventure book, overcoming a lot of difficulties, searching for the white tea or the fine Yunnan tea; the initial difficult negotiations with the Darjeeling plantations, the emotion felt tasting the first Gyokuro... 

But there is the satisfaction of letting the Italians know, them used to the sporadic consumption of black tea in tea bags, the real tea world. From the first packages with SNAKE brand, (then modified to SNAK), to the tea imports with the original country packages, until in the '80 to the brand creation of La Via del Tè chosen in homage of the Japanese tradition of Chano-yu, who finds in Chado, "the tea road", its foundation.

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