Oro Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml

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The 'Selezione Oro' Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Olitalia is obtained exclusively from a careful selection of 100% Italian olives.

Lovely to use for dipping bread! Eataly uses this extra virgin olive oil in the restaurant as an extra virgin olive oil for the table.

It is slightly fruity and is a versatile extra virgin olive oil for a variety of uses in the kitchen.

Olive Varieties: blend of Italian olives.

Pairing ideas: for cooking and to dip bread.

Company History:

For over 30 years Olitalia has been synonymous with goodness and quality. The company takes care of the entire production of oils and vinegars with a careful eye on the process from raw material to finished product to offer only the best possible products.

In the summer 2019 Eataly started to partner with Olitalia. Today, in every Eataly store we only use Olitalia extra virgin olive oils and sunflower oils to cook and fry. In the restaurant, we offer Olitalia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Selezione ORO to dip the Eataly Rustic bread.

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