Balsamic Vinegar Gold 25 Years - 100ml

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The Saba from Dodi is produced in the region of Emilia Romagna.

This delicious sweet product is made exclusively with cooked grape must and it is aged for two years in chestnut and oak barrels.

Density: medium.

flavour: sweet and intense with a fantastic fruity character. It has hints of grapes, plums, and raisins.

Pairings: It is excellent on steak, salads, cheese, risotto, or gelato. Try to grill peaches and pour some Saba on the top.

Ingredients: Cooked Grape Must.

Company History:

Since 1891, generations of the Dodi family have carefully passed down their most precious heirloom: the highest quality wood casks for aging balsamic vinegar. Today, the company is synonymous with the Italian condiment.

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