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Illy Selection Colombia Beans 250gr
Illy Intenso Ground Coffee -250g
Ready Drink to Cappuccino Cold Brew - 250ml
Lavazza Espresso Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee - 1kg
Valverbe Licorice Infusion Bags - 20 Bags - 30gr
Natursan Chamomile Tea 25bags 32.5gr
Valverbe Black Tea 20 Bags 30gr
Lavazza Classico Caffe 340gr
Lavazza Espresso Caffe Tin - 226.8 gr
Caffe Vergnano Eataly Decaf Coffe - Tin 250gr
La Via Del Te English Breakfast Tea 20bag 50gr
Valverbe Sonno Sereno Tea 20 Bags 30gr
Valverbe Fennel Infusion Tea Bags - 30 g
La Via Del Te Jasmine Tea 20 Bags 50gr
Natursan Org Green Tea Bags 37.5gr
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Tierra Planet Ground Coffee - 300g
Lavazza Qualita' Oro - Whole Beans - 1kg
Lavazza Organic Tierra Amazonia Whole Beans- 300g
Lavazza Deciso Espresso Coffee Capsules- 55 gr
Lavazza Armonico Espresso Coffee Capsules- 55 gr
Lavazza Espresso Decaf Coffee Capsules- 55 gr
Lavazza Intenso Ground Coffee- 340 gr
Lavazza Espresso Lungo Avvolgente Coffee Capsules- 55 gr
Natursan Orange Vanilla Tea Bags - 50gr

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