Dark Chocolate Bar - 100 g

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The Dark Chocolate Bar from Bodrato is an artisanal hand crafted, smooth blend of 58% chocolate produced using only fine cocoa from Peru, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

In 1943 Luciana Bodrato founded in Genova a small chocolate and coffee shop called Bodrato. After few years they moved to Piemonte, the main confectionery pole of the North-West of Italy in the 1970s, where it remains to this day. This area of renowned culinary traditions, encouraged the company to refine the art of chocolate making and fostered its development over the decades.

In 2001, The Bergaglio family, also from Piedmont, acquired Bodrato's workshop and succeeded in combining ancient and highly esteemed recipes with innovative flavours. Bodrato uses only the best raw materials available on the market such as Garbagna Cherries, Piedmont IGP Hazelnuts, and mint from Pancalieri. In order to ensure the maximum freshness and flavour of the finished product, they produce their chocolates in small batches.

Thanks to their innovative capabilities and value of quality, the Bergaglio family succeeded in turning a small workshop into a renowned chocolate factory of the highest standards. Perfect for a sweet treat and energy boost on the go or enjoy with a coffee or glass of wine for dessert.

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