Pistachio Spread - 180 ml

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The Pistachio Spread from Scyavuru is a sweet, delicate, and smooth pistachio cream made with 25% of Sicilian pistachios. Scyavuru was founded by three brother-in-laws, all owners of separate fruit farms who had a passion for tradition, agriculture and Sicilian culture. They are dedicated to preserving the ancient traditions of food production by trying to eliminate as many stages as possible from the distribution chain to offer consumers the maximum freshness of authentic foods produced in harmony with the natural environment. The most historic and traditional recipes are used, although with a relentless pursuit of innovation that allows the company to cater for more contemporary tastes. Scyavuru in Sicilian dialect means fragrance, a name chosen to represent many of their fragrant and delicious Sicilian jams, jellies and marmalades. Enjoy Scyavuru's sweet pistachio cream on toasted bread or cookies. You can also enjoy this delicious pistachio cream on gelato and yogurt!

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