valentine's day pastries
valentine's day pastries Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day ideas this year? Whether you’re cooking at home or planning a romantic evening at one of our restaurants, you’re bound to encounter many love stories along the way that may even become a part of your own. Find the perfect match with our creative Eataly gift guide: from high-quality ingredients to fine Italian wines and housemade pastries, our marketplace has everything you need to enjoy this special day.


There's no better way to someone's heart than through their stomach. Plus, as Italians, we can't think of any other way to express our love when through our love of food! Seize the day to cook up a special dinner at home: pick up a few simple but high-quality ingredients from our market, from delicate fresh pasta, sustainably-sourced seafood to savoury grilled steak. Pro tip: Don't forget a bouquet of fresh flowers on your way out! You can find them in our product department.


Love caviar but worried about how it's sourced? Commit long-term and show your partner you how much you care by buying from one of the most sustainable, high-quality caviar farms in the world. Calvisius is a fully-integrated Italian caviar farm that produces nearly 25 tons of eggs per year from endangered sturgeons using sustainable methods that save the fish — and deepen the flavour. How should you enjoy it? We've got plenty of ideas, but according to one Calvisius expert, all you need are "two Mother of Pearl spoons and a glass of sparkling wine." Ready to dive in? Bring home a tin during Caviar Day at Eataly with 30% off! chocolate


Give the gift of artisanal cioccolati italiani with festive boxes of chocolate by Venchi, Caffarel, and Perugina. Made by artisanal chocolatiers in Italy, our chocolates are a love story all their own. Take Silvano Venchi: in the mid-1800s at just 16, he began his career as a confectioner’s assistant, and after four years, saved enough to buy two bronze cooking pots, the tools of the chocolate trade. With just those two pots and passion for chocolate, he created his own gianduja (chocolate-hazelnut spread) and crunchy bars using regional recipes and only the finest ingredients. When you give a box of fine Italian chocolates, you're giving a food love story that spans over 100 years!


Beer can help with those complex feelings too. Switch it up this Valentine's Day with a visit to Birroteca by Indie Ale House, located on our concourse level, for locally-brewed craft beers inspired by our market ingredients.


Made with the finest ingredients from Italy like pistachios from Sicilia and hazelnuts from Piemonte, our pastry team's intricate works of art include heart-shaped pastries, full cakes, special filled-to-order cannoli. Swing by our pastry counter to pick out your favorites!


Nothing says love like quality time spent together! Treat your someone special to a romantic dinner at one of our restaurants, and explore the upcoming class calendar at your local Eataly to discover our variety of events, from hands-on cooking classes to guided wine tastings with our chefs and experts. Book your table or reserve your seat online, then present your surprise your loved one with the news on the big day. All it takes a few clicks – we'll handle the rest (yes, even the dishes). From tasting menus in our restaurants to special events, join us at Eataly Toronto this Valentine's Day. Ti aspettiamo!