grilled steak with rosemary
grilled steak with rosemary Lighting up a barbecue might be a time-honoured tradition, but Italians are no strangers to a grigliata either. With the warm weather ahead, we sat down with our head butcher, Peter Molinari, to get his tips for making the most of the grilling season.
Read on for our butcher's tips to become a grill master.


While it's true that you can throw most anything on a grill, our butcher has some preferences. "My two favourite cuts are Wagyu Zabuton and Prime Dry Age Ribeye," says Molinari. "These cuts, along with Wagyu Bohemian, are especially tender and flavourful." Wagyu beef boasts intense marbling, and these thin streaks of fat add incredible depth and texture, while dry-ageing reduces the residual water weight in the meat and helps to concentrate the flavour. In other words: you'll have a hard time leaving anything for leftovers. wagyu


"When I'm purchasing meat, I always look for two things first: no added antibiotics and no hormones," says Molinari. (Nota bene: you won't have any problems finding this at Eataly Toronto, where all of our meat follows these "never ever" guidelines.) Next, you want to look for inter-muscular fat: look for streaks speckled throughout the meat, which is especially great for grilling perfectly tender cuts. When meat has this kind of marbling, it can actually be cooked longer without getting tough or dried out. Not only that, this inter-muscular fat melts at a lower temperature, so you’ll taste the rich flavour of the fat much sooner. Wagyu is especially renowned for this kind of marbling, so it's no wonder that these cuts are consistently a grill master pick. steak on grill


So, ready to fire up the grill? Our butcher has a few tips before you get started. First, make sure you have the right tools: a grill brush for cleaning, a meat thermometer, and a pair of tongs are a griller's best friends. Using the grill brush, make sure your grill surface is cleaned before using it, and let it preheat thoroughly before you put anything on it – this will help you get a great sear! Another trick? "You shouldn’t touch the meat multiple times. Let it cook evenly by flipping it once," says Molinari. To check for doneness, you can use your meat thermometer to determine if it's cooked through. steak on pan


If you don't have a grill at home, don't worry – just bring your newfound knowledge to the stovetop with the right tools in hand. According to Molinari, cast iron pans are the next best thing to an outdoor grill as they can get really hot and offer a great sear on the meat. Just remember to preheat your pan on the stove before you get started to get that coveted sizzle. steak with salad and potatoes


There's nothing quite like a simply seasoned, high-quality steak – but don't stop there! Our butcher's favourite sides to grill alongside his Wagyu cuts happen to be seasonal vegetables, like asparagus and zucchini. You'll also find that Italians love to throw seasonal fruits and vegetables, bruschetta, and even polenta on the grill. Ready to get your grill on? Check out our recipe for a classic Tagliata, and head to Eataly Toronto to shop today.