Birroteca by Indie Ale House
In accordance with the latest directions and protocols from the Public Health Agency of Canada and the government, Birroteca is closed. Due to recent temporary changes in Ontario’s liquor laws, you can also now purchase bottles of craft beer from Birroteca with the purchase of a food item. Visit Vino & Birra To-Go to see our selection of local beer, or you can buy or directly from Indie Alehouse online. At Birroteca, we have partnered with Indie Alehouse, a pioneer in the Toronto craft beer scene, on our in-house brewery, beer shop and tasting room. Located on the concourse level, Birroteca by Indie Alehouse features several custom beers, available only at Eataly Toronto, including a refreshing, traditional Italian pilsner, and rotating flavours inspired by fresh ingredients from the Eataly market, like their Dolce, a tiramisù-inspired pastry stout with hints of coffee, chocolate and vanilla.


Birroteca is closed at this time. To purchase beer, please head to our main level Vino & Birra To-Go and add it to your takeout order, or order directly to your door with food delivery.


Indie Alehouse is a small, independent craft brewery, making big, flavourful ales in Toronto. Since opening their doors in October 2012, Indie Alehouse has worked to push the boundaries of brewing, making and serving hard-to-find Ales and unique flavours. Creating a variety of beers exclusive to Eataly, Birroteca by Indie Alehouse will serve everything from Bionda, a traditional Italian pilsner, to Dolce, a tiramisù pastry stout with notes of chocolate, coffee and vanilla. Come down to the Birroteca, located on the concourse level, to try their seasonal flavours inspired by ingredients from our marketplace and stay for a bite to eat!

beer brew kettle



We start with real ingredients - no syrups, corn, rice or low-quality fermentable sugars other brewers may use. We work with fresh, local fruit (or the very best we can find) and spices for an added touch to our flavours. MILLING Each of our beers uses a combination of different types of malts that are cracked and mixed to expose the starches. We use a variety of grains as our “Base Malt” which allows us flexibility when it comes to designing new beers with more diverse flavours. MASHING We don’t create one-size-fits-all tastes, which means we approach each of our beers differently, using an older, hands-on process than is typically used today. We combine hot water with malt, which is then transformed into wort as a result of the conversion of starches into sugar. The temperature influences the type and quantity of fermentable sugars, which dictates the body and alcoholic content of the beer. This process creates the infusion and subsequent removal of the spent grains. BOILING The sweet wort is boiled for at least an hour to concentrate the sugars and flavours. Boiling purifies the liquid and allows us to add other flavourful ingredients, like hops, to make unique, flavourful ales. FERMENTING Where the party starts – this is when our beer begins to come alive. We use very specific, often very rare, yeasts for each style of beer (as opposed to a house “strain” that creates the same flavour for all of the beers). The sugars and amino acids are transformed into alcohol, carbon dioxide, and delicious aromas. CONDITIONING We wait. The beer is left to mature until we believe the flavour is at its best. This could add weeks to the process, but we let the yeast work on its own schedule, and we won't sell the beer until it’s perfect. Aging the beer at this stage is the difference between fast beer and good beer. TAPPING & PACKAGING All of our beers are unpasteurized, unfiltered, and not chemically treated in any way. Even though that means you’ll have to drink it sooner, it makes a huge difference in the overall flavour and taste. Small batch sizes allow us more freedom to experiment and create unique beers you won’t find anywhere else. This flexibility provides us with the best creative opportunities and provides you with the best beer we can brew.

Italian beer on tap