Panettone with Moscato Gran Piemonte - 1kg

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Panettone with an unmistakable taste, an all-Piedmontese speciality resulting from the union of the Albertengo recipe and high quality Moscato wine, glazed and decorated with whole hazelnuts.

The Albertengo have had ‘their hands in the cookie jar’ for about two centuries. In the autumn of 1950, in the run-up to Christmas, Domenico Albertengo started kneading the first Panettoni: 300 kilos. He had built himself a machine to do this. The following year, building on the success of the first, they produced five times as many, totaling 1,500 kilograms. Panettone production, until the 1960s, took place in his grandfather’s old house in the centre of Torre San Giorgio and flanked the bakery.

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