Copper Frypan - 24cm

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A good fry pan allows you to sauté vegetables, sear meats and shallow-fry almost any kind of ingredient.
The tin-lined inside is naturally low-sticking, and solid copper construction very heat conductive, so the Ruffoni frying pan is well suited to cook delicate foods like eggs and fish.
The long stick handle allows for skillful tossing, and the low flared sides speed up evaporation and simplify flipping ingredients.

Crafted in solid copper for superior heat conductivity, hammered for increased strength and lasting beauty and tin-lined by hand over fire — so naturally low-stick. The riveted stick handle is cast in solid bronze.

A timeless piece that will become a loyal kitchen ally and can be proudly hung on display to adorn the kitchen when not in use.

  • Ideal for sautéing veggies and searing meats and shallow frying...and for pancakes!
  • Hammered for increased strength and lasting beauty
  • Crafted in solid copper for unparalleled heat conductivity
  • NOT good for induction stove.
  • Made in Italy

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